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What we do

Copenhagen Data is a team of ambitious and talented data consultants. We identify, qualify and realize valuable IT-solutions while ensuring we deliver tangible results and learning for our clients throughout the process.


Our procedure is based on our Best Practice method.



Business value through data

The focus of our projects is to deliver business value through intelligent use of data. At the core of our projects lies Best Practice, an agile, comprehensive and purpose-driven methodology. We use it to identify, qualify and realize your business goals through gradual deliveries and continual learning for your organization. We have a strong track record of cases in the Nordic market where our clients have greatly developed into competitive data-driven businesses. 


We also offer Best Practice as a self-consultancy toolbox that allows you to get started and progress on your IT-strategy on your own. The goal behind offering Best Practice is to help organizations from all over the world, regardless of size, sector and means. The method helps you create value from your data through ongoing material tailored to your business needs.

Best Practice

The Methodology


Welcome to an introduction to the Best Practice Methodology, the backbone and foundation of everything within Best Practice. This video explains our world-class method that drives the way we go about our successful data-driven solutions. 

Our Best Practice method

Best Practice Flow Model UPDATED (No padding).svg



The first stage of Best Practice is to identify. We facilitate a process where we identify your business opportunities. More specifically, we identify how data can be utilized to execute your business strategy and maximize your operations.


  • Goal setting: We always start a data project by identifying your business opportunities, so we can set goals that will strengthen your future operations. 
  • Business projects: We identify which business projects and data projects that are needed to successfully reach your strategic goals in the given timeframe. 
  • Technical and organizational capabilities: We outline and manage the technical and organizational capabilities needed for the data projects.
  • Implementation roadmap: We create an implementation roadmap so we can strategically administrate and execute on the data projects.



The second stage of Best Practice is to qualify. We qualify the solutions for the identified business opportunities. More specifically, we make sure that the data strategy, the data projects and our course of action are proficient to meet your goals and create business value. 


  • Analysis & prototyping: We collect, analyze and prototype your data to understand your opportunities, complications and relevant user scenarios.
  • Scoping and planning: We scope and plan the data projects to continuously manage expectations and decide on the most effective course of action for the future.
  • Evaluation & assessment: We make sure to evaluate and assess any implications that appear along the way, to leave nothing to the unknown during the process.
  • Portfolio management: We continuously select, prioritize and control the data projects, in line with your strategic goals and our capacity to deliver.



The third stage of Best Practice is to realize. We realize your business value through short-development cycles. More specifically, we deign, develop and implement the data-driven solutions to reach and support your goals. 


  • Design & planning: We make sure to design and plan the solutions and roll-out processes, so they always fit the needs of your organization.
  • Development & test:  We develop and test the solutions carefully in order to enable the best possible functionality and user-experience.
  • Deployment & support: We always follow industry standards when rolling out the solutions to provide the needed support in your organization.
  • Adoption & handover: We ensure the adoption of the data projects within your organization through proper handover, documentation and education.