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At Copenhagen Data we are always looking for new talent - with or without technical ballast. We are a growing team that consists of some of the most talented data consultants. Joining Copenhagen Data means joining an organization full of opportunities and personal development. 


Take your chance, you won't regret it. 

Join our team


Meet Christian, Melina and Alexander. 


A senior consultant, consultant and student assistant, sharing their perspectives on why you should join our team and be a part of Copenhagen Data.


Christian: “My favorite thing about Copenhagen Data is definitely the entrepreneurial spirit that we have. You are part of a growing business, and you can really make your mark. And then of course the flat structure that we have, gives you the ability to really contribute despite of your position in the company."


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What to expect

About us and you

We prioritize talent over years of experience. A talent is ambitious and has a drive to learn and evolve. Thus, your technical ballast and professional experience become less important than who you are and what you want to do. We expect that it comes natural to you to take responsibility and that you are prepared to always keep pushing the envelope. 


At Copenhagen Data we focus on complex data projects that make a difference for our customers. We are a growing team that thrives with collaborating and enjoy daily interactions with customers. We believe that a strong social spirit and natural curiosity improves the quality of our work and develops each and everyone of us. Therefore, we regularly host or participate in sports events, dinners, knowledge-sharing sessions and social gatherings. Throughout the year we also host larger professional events and our Annual-Kickoff.


We enable development opportunities through educational activities, our mentoring programs and certifications. We also host Data Labs and Data Schools, where we gather to improve our knowledge within relevant fields. Our culture is flat and we have an entrepreneurial spirit, so you can contribute and have an impact regardless of your position. 


Best Practice


Best Practice is in the heart and mind of everything we do. With the method at hand, we secure quality and efficiency in every customer project. Best Practice gives us a common mindset that makes us capable of working together in any project team and in any data project - towards any goal. The vision behind Best Practice is to help organizations, from all over the world, in their identification, qualification and realization of business value through the acknowledgement that data is a strategic asset. As an employee in Copenhagen Data you will gain rare, competitive knowledge, through the journey of utilizing and expanding Best Practice all over the world. 


Apply without application

Link us your LinkedIn


Yes, you read that right.


As a unique opportunity at Copenhagen Data, you can now apply without spending time on writing an application. All we need is a link to you LinkedIn!


Why? Because we believe that all people with a passion for data deserve to be considered as candidates. Many of our data consultants and data analysts have taken a chance when applying due to limited technical experience. 


Don't let that stop you from reaching out! Simply ‘link us your LinkedIn’ by writing an e-mail to Aksel Larsen (partner) with a link to your LinkedIn profile and a few words about yourself.


Send a mail to: 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the application process like?

    We have an effective application process that lasts around 2 weeks.


    1) At first, you apply the job through our job openings or sending us a link to your LinkedIn.


    2) If we decide to move forward, you will receive a response within a week where we invite you to your first interview.


    3) At the first interview, we focus on getting to know each-other. We tell you about who we are, what we do and what makes us unique - and you tell us about who you are and how your choices have shaped your development and your motivation to work at Copenhagen Data.


    4) Within a few days, you will be informed whether or not we have decided to move on with the process. If we consider you as a great fit, you will be called to a second interview. Here, we zoom in on your technical and professional skills. Our purpose is not to examine how much you're good at, but what you're good at. This helps us consider where to place you in a project in relation to your talent, skills and ambition.


    5) After just a few days more, we will get back to you with great news or an explanation of why we have decided not to go further.

  • Which development opportunities do you offer?

    We offer numerous first-class development opportunities for our employees. It is important to us that your learning doesn't stop when you get the job, but that it has just started. Below you can see a list how our activities and opportunities support your development. They are listed according to approximate annual frequency - from most frequent to least frequent:


    • Projects: practical experience with qualification, implementation and counselling through gradual deliveries
    • Data Lab: practical experience and idea development regarding method and tools, through workshops, cases and problem-solving
    • Monthly meetings: inspiration and discussion through insights into colleagues' projects
    • Professional Friday bar: perspectivation and inspiration from clients' point of view
    • Data School: perspectivation and insights into our Best Practice method and industrial standards
    • Performance appraisal: personal feedback based on individual performance
    • Mentorship: personal feedback and career counselling
    • Certifications: formal training and examination in technologies/methods from external suppliers
    • Annual kick-off: bigger event with strategic insights and dialogue regarding tendencies and evolvement
  • How much experience do I need?

    At Copenhagen Data we evaluate every candidate based on their profile and specific qualifications. That means we do not have any mandatory check boxes nor requirements for applicants. Some of us started out with little experience in the fields. The most important thing is motivation, a strategic and value-oriented mindset, and a passion for data. You will get your experience and hone your skills along the way through our development initiatives. 

  • What is the culture and social life like?

    Social activities and events are an important part of working at Copenhagen Data. That's why we prioritize both casual and professional events, that facilitate both socializing and learning. As we corporate a lot across the organization, we believe that a strong culture and strong interpersonal ties are essential to our teamwork. Our typical activities are listed below:


    • Friday bars with great wine and company
    • Monthly meetings - with a dinner in town
    • Project dinners (you and your team)
    • Annual kick-off (educational event)
    • Christmas and Summer parties
    • Sports events (join an existing sports team or create a new one!)
    • Data Lab (a colleague teaches the team in a field of their expertise through hands-on exercises)
    • Data School (a day full of education in Best Practice, finished off with dinner)
  • How do we work at Copenhagen Data?

    At Copenhagen Data we work on multiple projects at any point in time. You will typically join one project and the assigned project team. There is no hierarchy in our projects, and everyone has equal influence despite experience, education and organizational level. There is one project lead assigned to every project, who is responsible of the running deliveries and coordination. The lead is not a manager by title, but a colleague at any level capable of the task. We value the flat structure, and believe it promotes equal engagement, innovation and co-dependence.


    We prefer to work in-house when we are not at our customers' offices. It is possible to work from home only through prior agreement with your project lead, but we value the togetherness and culture that comes with a physical workspace. Additionally, we are very co-dependent in our projects, and being physically together fosters an involved and sincere delivery. We know by experience that this is valuable for our customers - and for us as colleagues.