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How You Can Use It

August 17, 2023

What Does Best Practice Consist of?

This video unveils the essence of Best Practice – addressing the questions: What constitutes Best Practice? And how can I actually use Best Practice to independently plan and execute data-driven projects? Here are two ways of using our application, these are stated below: 


1. Using our Project Wizard to generate a tailored project plan for your organization

There are many project types to choose from, ranging from creating a data strategy to implementing business intelligence and data warehousing. Each project has a unique set of yes-no questions that tailor the project to your organization's specific requirements. These questions are divided into 5 categories. Based on the answers to these questions, the Project Wizard is able to generate a project plan with all the necessary guidelines and tools for you to be able to get started independently and achieve an efficient project delivery. 


This project plan includes a chronological task list that follows the Best Practice method. The project plan includes the estimated time spent on each task; the number of Full Time Equivalents or employees needed to make your deadline and most importantly you receive all the necessary guidelines and tools to be able to get started independently and now. 


2. Using our vast knowledge repository as a lookup tool

The second way of using Best Practice is using our vast Knowledge Repository as a lookup tool to find guides and tools, each for specific disciplinesBest Practice is documented solutions, knowledge, and experience - a library cultivated over two decades consisting of everything we have found useful to deliver upon our end-to-end data-driven solutions. Even now, we are using and updating Best Practice, ensuring that our resources are battle tested and up-to date. It's all accessible to you. With refined search filters, you can find exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.


The beauty of Best Practice is that it really doesn’t matter how far you are with your current project or if you’ve even started. The Best Practice method isn’t linear, it’s iterative, and it allows you to step in at any time. So, get started today!