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The Methodology

August 16, 2023

The Best Practice Method

Welcome to an introduction to the Best Practice Methodology, the backbone and foundation of everything within Best Practice. This video explains our world-class method that drives the way we go about our successful data-driven solutions. 


Best Practice Flow Model UPDATED (No padding).svg



Introducing the Method

Best Practice is a unique and purpose-driven method. It consists of industry-specific knowledge that has been assembled, qualified and tested through years of data consulting. Our Best Practice methodology has a successful track record of creating business value, with an agile framework that focuses on gradual deliveries and learning for your organization. 


Explaining the Model

This is a universally applicable model, refined into a straightforward framework consisting of four key stages and thirteen distinct activities. Developed with simplicity and versatility in mind, it provides a universally applicable structure designed to navigate any situation effectively. The 4 stages are Identify, Qualify, Realize and Maintain. Each stage consists of multiple activities. The activities are the individual colored and highlighted elements. 


Where do I Start?

A project can start at any activity along this model. Let’s say you were interested in starting a project to Implement Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Where do you start? How do you plan for it? You could be just starting up or you could be in the middle of designing your data warehouse architecture, it doesn’t matter, using Best Practice you can get a tailored project plan with guides and tools to help you from where you are now and beyond.