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Publishing company goes digital with data platform

Largest publishing company in its field improves customer relevancy and increases profitability with modern data platform

Consultants on the case

Martin ABC Hansen

Martin ABC Hansen

Aksel Larsen

Aksel Larsen

Daniel Christensen

Daniel Christensen

Sector: Trading

Region: Scandinavia

Business intelligence
Data hub
Data strategy
Machine learning
Master data
Process automation


Challenges and opportunities

A Nordic market-leading publishing company contacted us as it was facing a decrease in its sales and customer retention rate. The competition was increasing in the entertainment market, as product offerings became increasingly digitalized. Unfortunately, that resulted in diminished customer loyalty to the company's non-digital product offerings. Copenhagen Data identified several opportunities, and assembled them in a data strategy, that aimed to improve the internal overview of sales and loyalty through a modern data platform. We created an implementation roadmap of the several data projects that were needed to reach the goals of the company. At the same time, we engaged relevant stakeholders to ensure that the data projects and the data strategy were supported by the company.



Analysis and evaluation

Several initial operations were necessary before Copenhagen Data could realize the data projects. We started analyzing, planning, and evaluating the different aspects of the data strategy. It was vital to investigate the configuration and design of the modern data platform. We wanted to make sure that it was qualified to forecast member churn through machine learning, while complying with the laws of GDPR. We also focused on creating a pleasant and convenient user experience, and decided to configure a click-stream data platform, that was able to register every click, sale and user. The platform was methodically refined through detailed prototyping and continuous evaluation. Copenhagen Data planned the activities and dependencies hand in hand with the relevant management and project stakeholders. Through portfolio management, we made sure that every aspect of the data projects would be implemented through gradual, beneficial deliveries.



Implementation and handover

After identifying and qualifying, we moved on to the realization phase. In short-development cycles, we developed and implemented the data-based solutions. The click-stream data platform was gradually designed, planned, developed, and tested. We made sure to continuously share business- and IT-insights with relevant stakeholders and  prioritized  stakeholder engagement, to reach the data platform's full potential. This was crucial in securing a smooth handover and guaranteeing the company's organizational learning. After the handover, Copenhagen Data was pleased to see that the publishing company improved its costumer relevancy and increased its annual turnover. The modern data platform was a success, and the publishing company is now able to forecast its customer loyalty and control its sales.


  • Minimized churn in two business units to realize €700,000 annual turnover
  • Decommission proprietary service to monitor web applications to save €100,000+ annually
  • Decommission analytical application to save €50,000 annually
  • Automating manual activities through data-driven support in back-office processes
  • Transparency in customer definitions and interactions across the business to ensure customer-centricity by design
  • Established a foundational data platform with scalable design to support future data analytical and operational data activation